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How Video Can Make Your Social Media Campaign Shine

3 Nov

Irish agency Simply Zesty posted a list of “9 Impressive Social Media Campaigns Using Video” recently. They all are certainly impressive as they go well beyond just sending out a tweet or posting an article on Facebook. That being said there was a pair of videos from that list that really stuck out to me.


The Canadian tourist board wanted to use social media to promote Canada as a holiday destination for their friends to the south. They could have paid for promoted tweets or started a vacation album on Flickr. You wouldn’t show up on any lists for being impressive if you did that though. Their idea was to install giant interactive murals in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. These murals featured streaming tweets and photos from tourists currently in Canada. To take it even a step further people could walk up to them and move the streams or click to enlarge items.

What I love about this campaign isn’t just the interactivity. I’m always a fan of that. I also love the concept of taking the online offline or vice versa. It’s that sort of thinking that took this idea to the next level. Separately, they’re not unique. The online aspect is basically just a search stream, while the offline component would be just another digital poster. Together, and with a little wow factor, they create a buzz worthy campaign.  While the video isn’t the main focus it’s a great complimentary piece.  Even in a high traffic area once the murals are taken down the exposure is over.  Creating a video about the campaign creates great lasting power and earned the Canadian tourist board an extra 50k eyeballs through YouTube alone.


Does anyone remember those choose your own ending books? I used to love it when they did that with Goosebumps books. I used to always choose the path that would surely kill me so I could cover every possible scenario. New Zealand based pizza parlor Hell Pizza decided to take that choose your own ending style of storytelling and make an interactive Youtube video with it. With the introduction of annotations on Youtube you can watch a video then select what you want to see next given the options. The Hell Pizza film “Deliver Me To Hell” is about a delivery driver who needs to ship his pie without being eaten by zombies!

If you’ve got twenty minutes or so this could be the most entertaining use of them. Once again, props for interactivity. By focusing on building an immersive story (even if it’s pretty silly) you can go beyond brand awareness and affect behavior in the short term. You bond with the characters on your journey to deliver a Hell pizza. It’s funny, engaging, quirky, and highly contagious (see what I did there). If they opened a Hell Pizza near me I’d be first in line. Good marketing shouldn’t go without praise! As of today “Deliver Me To Hell” part 1 has over 5 million views on YouTube.

Make sure to check out the rest of the top 9 here and don’t be afraid to send your own favorite social media or interactive campaigns to Rated JPG.

-Josh P Greenberg
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LEGO Builds Its Own Social Network: CUUSOO

10 Oct

Everyone can remember a time as a kid when they sat around in the living room or playroom with a box full of those little plastic blocks called LEGOs.  Whether it was building a pirate ship a scale model of the Titanic or even a creation of your own the possibilities seemed endless.

Well now you can turn that idea you had of a fully functional flying White House into real life dollars.  That’s right; you can sell your LEGO creation to the company and earn some cash off the sales.  And the best part is that it’s all social!

It’s called CUUSOO (still no idea what the acronym stands for) and it’s in Beta right now.  Here’s the deal.  After signing up for a free account you can publish any number of your masterpieces.  Designs are submitted by posting a picture of your creation and filling out a sort of bio explaining what the design is and any significant meaning it might have.  Of course that’s only the beginning.  Think of your creation as your profile.  From there you can branch out to peek in at other people’s ideas and give them a nod with a “support.”  To get your project approved you’ll need 10,000 of those (think of them as likes).  LEGO CUUSOO borrows more than just the thumbs up system from Facebook.  You can leave comments on other peoples’ pages, create a group of friends, and even pick up a few followers along the way.

I’ll tell you why I love this campaign so much.  First of all, and most importantly, it’s completely social.  The ability to use their brand to create interaction between other people is just genius.   It goes beyond a Facebook wall where the brand is always involved moderating the conversation.  With CUUSOO,  LEGO has set the ground rules for a forum and left it up to their fans to do the rest.  This hand-off approach takes the corporate agenda completely out of the equation and allows for customers create a community on their own terms instead of feeling like dollar signs.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that there is incentive.  Once you reach the 10,000 supporter line you’ll receive 1% of sales from your creation.  That doesn’t sound like much, but for a company like LEGO any slice of that pie will be worth the time invested.

Even if you’re not interested in making a model there are some really impressive ones that have already been made.  Right now I have to say the SHINKAI 6500 submarine and Love Boat replica are my favorites.  Although, it’s hard to ignore the De Lorean from Back to the Future.  Now I’m wishing I had kept the schematics I had for that boat castle I created in third grade day care!

-Josh P Greenberg
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