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Four Seasons Gives A New Meaning To Digital Luxury

17 Jan

When you purchase a Lexus you expect the car to run better than a Toyota.  What makes it a luxury item are the extras; leather interior, seat warmers, people that will make you a cappuccino and drop you off when your car is being serviced.  We demand these things when we pay a little extra, but what about our digital experience?

The Four Seasons has decided to do a digital marketing overhaul and other luxury brands should take note.  Brands like Four Seasons have been building up their trademark for decades.  Businesses like them fear that if they open themselves to the groundswell that they’ll lose some of the equity they’ve built up.

Maybe it’s the opposite.  The Four Seasons will add user-generated reviews, Twitter wine tastings, and the “Have Family Will Travel” blog.  Suddenly they’ve opened a conversation with their customers that other competitors don’t have right now.  That way the Four Seasons can not only fix any internal customer service issues they have, but also figure out how their consumers might compare them to other hotels to help Four Seasons stay ahead of the curve.

My favorite initiative has to be the wine tastings.  It was started two years ago and 14 of the 86 Four Seasons’ hotels participated last year.  You can either go to a wine tasting at participating Four Seasons or you can hop on Twitter and partake from the comfort of your own home.  This way people can feel connected to the brand without actually physically being there.  They’ve found something that their market values, wine tastings, and figured out a way to integrate themselves into that activity.  And they can do all of this from their website.  Genius!

I hope that other luxury brands can take note and overhaul their own digital landscape, because like the product they sell it’s as much about the experience as it is anything else.

-Josh P. Greenberg
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Need Help Managing Your Twitter Account? Un-j.am it!

8 Sep

Image via Geekmom.com

If you are a heavy Twitter user (like what I aspire to be) then you’ll find that your Twitter pipeline can get clogged very fast.  There are ways to divert the constant flow of information like using lists, groups, or searches all of which some with pros and cons.   Lists need regular updating as your network grows and unless you’re already using a third party provider you can’t save searches in Twitter.

As I was reading an article on tools to simplify your online life I came across a gem, Strawberryj.am.   It’s a web based program that organizes your tweets in order of what posts are mentioned the most.  For example, if a post is sent out by Mashable and 30 of your twitter followers share the article then it will show up in your Strawberryj.am feed as “popular”.  That way you’ll be able to tell what other people think is important industry news. Oh ya, and it’s free!

After spending a short time using the service I feel that this is more geared towards Twitter accounts with many followers.  I’m currently at about 100 followers which is nothing compared to most. My most mentioned post count is typically only at around five, so it might not be the best gauge for me.  I still think it’s a great way to find out about articles that might not be on my radar.  Strawberryj.am also has other features such as saved searches, tags, and lists.  I haven’t seen an option to add multiple accounts yet though.

What I’m also very excited about is their plans to integrate with Facebook in the future.  Facebook news can be just as hard to keep up with  as Twitter.  This will be a welcome addition when it’s up and running.

At the time that this article was posted Strawberryj.am was in beta.  You need an invite to join, but you can request one from their website.  Be patient.  It took me a few days to receive mine.

-Josh P Greenberg
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Twitter’s Biggest Enemy: Spam

31 Aug

Spammers have been around since the dawn of time.  I bet that back in the Stone Age people would come home to their caves only to find the wall covered in pectorals trying to sell them a bigger club.  With each new medium that becomes popular it’s only a matter of time before the spammers flock.

Twitter is absolutely no exception.There are two ways an enterprise like Twitter can handle spammers.  They can be overly active causing a few innocents to be locked out as collateral.  Twitter can also be less active and annoy a large mass of people without restricting use.  They’ve chosen path number two.Twitter spammers have become the bane of my existence.  They are like cockroaches to me that serve no other purpose than to infect my feed with useless blather.  If it doesn’t give my computer a virus I’m afraid that it will make me physically nauseous.

For those of you that aren’t too familiar with spambots on Twitter here’s a crash course on how to spot them.  They’ll be following a large number of people while having a fraction of those people following them back.  They’ll often have not tweeted or when they do it’s the same thing said in different ways (probably your biggest indicator).  If they haven’t received a follow from you within a few days they’ll release their leachy grip on your account to search for their next victim.  You can help by reporting someone as spam, although that’s like killing gnats at a landfill.

As Twitter continues its campaign to keep its members more active I hope that they pay more attention to this problem.  While I think most people are savvy enough to spot a bad account when they see one, it only takes one follow to let the spam flood gates open.

-Josh P Greenberg
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Facebook Creates Its Own Circles

23 Aug

New features are sorely needed

Google+ hit the market with a colossal amount of buzz.  Everyone was talking about it, wondering who would be able to give them an invite.  While most social media bloggers laud G+ for its relative ease of use, will the general public accept it?

The biggest asset Google+ has is the concept of circles.  Being able to target your messages makes them more effective.  With all the social media noise out there it is easy to blast someone’s account with too much information.  That can lead to people either ignoring your message or worse, blocking it entirely.  Targeted messaging also helps when trying to maintain your privacy.  If you want to say something you wouldn’t want your coworkers to hear it’s now easy to shut of that valve.

With Facebook’s new sharing and privacy features, however, Google’s biggest gun might have been neutralized.  Now when sharing a post (or really anything) you can choose who can view it and even create specific groups.   Basically that accomplishes what circles was meant to do on Google+.  Another very big change to Facebook is how you tag photos.  Before the only way to hide an incriminating photo (mostly underage drinking for those young job seekers) was to not take it and hope no one else had a camera.  Now you have the ability to reject a tag request and even send a message telling the host to take it down.   These types of changes will appear in various places across Facebook.

So now that Facebook has landed a heavy blow to an already tapering Google+ user base, how does G+ keep people from returning to Facebook?  This battle has only just begun.

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The Death of Q101.1 “Chicago’s Alternative”

8 Aug

JPG Rating:     On the decision to axe the station.  It will be sorely missed, but they had it coming.

It was a strange moment when I found out Q101 was dead.  It started with one co-worker saying they heard Tio Cruz.  Then another mentioned they’d heard the Black Eyed Peas on the alternative rock station, and then someone dropped a bomb on our proverbial water cooler.  He smacked me in the face with this; Q101 was bought out and switched to an all-news format.  All of the staff affiliated with the former station had been laid off.

Nirvana-Nevermind (1991)

Q101.1 FM wasn’t the only thing that died that day.  A piece of my childhood went with it.  When I was growing up in the 90’s my mom would have me ride with her to take my sister to the Art Institute in downtown Chicago.  We would take I-90, windows down, volume up, on days that always seemed sunny.  In those years we drove to the city listening to Q101 I not only found my musical taste, but my personal identity as well.  I didn’t want to listen to pop or rap.  I wanted to rock out!With age however comes perspective.  The station had this one coming.  I wasn’t the only one who had been complaining that the aging kings of alternative had held onto their bread and butter far too long.  Songs like “Interstate Love Song” and “Come as You Are” were great when they debuted in the early/mid 90’s.  The problem is that they’ve been playing those same songs for almost 20(!) years now. They never really embraced the changing landscape of rock with open arms and I believe it is what caused their demise.

I don’t think radio is dead just yet though.  I think there’s still a large population of people who want music on the radio that’s not country or Katy Perry.  Q101 may be saying hello to the Dodo, but surely someone else can learn from their mistakes, right?  Can I get an Amen….anyone?

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Virgin Mobile’s Super Real Fake Celebrity Couple

8 Jul

If hearing celebrity news makes you kind of queasy and if you stifle a gag at the sound of reality TV drama then this news will have you vomiting all over the place.  Get out those barf bags and get ready for “Sparah”!  Virgin Mobile has launched a new type of advertising/marketing campaign that smashes together the makeup of a celebrity couple and reality TV star into one viral powerhouse.  

At least that’s the idea.  At its core the principal sounds great.  Fake celebrities like the Kardashians, Kimora Lee Simons, and anyone who’s a woman and marries rich have a cult following that would make even the highest powered marketing firm jealous.  NeNe Leakes of Housewives of Atlanta “fame” has over 370,000 Twitter followers.  Virgin Mobile is trying to capture that same type of exposure while trying a new and fresh way of marketing.

Not only do I hope this campaign fails I’m fairly confident that it will.  At its core celebrities are followed because people value their lifestyle.  Virgin has decided to be completely transparent about their involvement and manufacturing of the fake couple.   This transparency will keep people from buying in.  While what makes reality TV personalities so popular is that nearly all of them are bat dung crazy or at least already marginally known.  I would assume that Virgin is going to stay away from the type of drama that makes the audiences of shows like Housewives gravitate towards them.  Without that train wreck aspect (and absence of a television show…for now) I don’t know how or why anyone would care.  Then again I already think that about all celebrities.  Can Virgin create enough buzz without over the top manufactured drama?  That remains to be seen.

Check out the official “Sparah” website at http://www.sparah.com