About the Editor

Josh Greenberg currently works as an Account Manager for Ascedia, an interactive marketing agency that specializes in web design, programming, email marketing, social media, SEO, mobile and more.

Before coming to Ascedia Josh was a freelance Production Assistant specializing in Account Management and Video Production.  He currently works for Big Teeth Productions, a boutique advertising agency in the Chicago area.  In addition to his Production Assistant responsibilities he acts as a Sales Representative.

Josh is a 2010 graduate of the Telecommunications department at Indiana University.  During his time on the most beautiful campus in the world he immersed himself in extra circular activities.  He was a member of the Production Crew for Indiana University Radio Television Services (IURTVS) who were employed by Indiana University’s Athletic department as well as the local PBS affiliate WTIU.  There Josh was able to hone his skills in a professional environment.

He was also heavily involved in IU’s unaffiliated student television station (IUSTV).  Josh joined the staff of Hoosier Sports Nite, a Sports Center inspired magazine style show, ascending from reporter to Director/Producer.  He also became Executive Producer for his own show, The Red Hot Ticket.  At its peak Josh managed 22 staff members and interviewed top industry members such as the Executive Producer for ABC’s At the Movies.

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