Why Social TV is Perfect for Live Sports

14 May

Social TV for Sports

Social media is increasingly being integrated into more and more mediums. The second screen phenomenon has emerged. Many people now watch television while engaging on another device e.g. laptop, phone, tablet. Social platforms such as Get Glue allow users to “check-in” to programs they are watching and encourage conversation in real time. While many marketers focus on episodic content live sports is also being heavily affected by the social landscape.

As a transplanted sports fan social media often is the only way I can discuss my favorite sports teams with my friends. Live tweeting an Indiana vs. Michigan basketball game during winter break was actually the first time I used twitter with any sort of real interest. Seeing a run of “WATFORD FTW!!!” tweets made me feel slightly closer to Bloomington, Indiana than a restaurant with one TV in Milwaukee.

And I’m not the only one who sees those updates. Big events happen in sports on a nightly basis. That’s what makes it so great. When someone in my online social network says, “Phillip Humber is about to throw a perfect game” or “Paul Pierce is going off!” It puts that event on my radar.

Networks and advertisers are trying to find ways to involve social media into sports such as what WWE did. As more of these types of ideas pop up we’ll certainly continue to see social become a bigger part of the sports landscape.

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