Dr. Pepper 10 is Almost Everything Miller Light “Man Up” is Not

18 Oct

In my last post I ranted about how horribly dumb and sexist the Miller Light “Man Up” ads were.  This time around I’m going to praise Dr. Pepper for their clever and not nearly as sexist “It’s not for women” advertising campaign.

There is certainly no problem with marketing a product to a particular gender, be it men or women.  We often don’t have a problem with it because either both the product and how it is marketed falls within social norms or the message isn’t very overt.  Dr. Pepper 10 not only bends social norms it doesn’t apologize for it.  Typically diet soda (and most “light” or “diet” products) are marketed to women.  Take this as exhibit A.  So why not target men exclusively?

It might sound like I’m going against what I said with Miller Light, but stick with me here.  The big difference is that women are let in on this joke.  The commercial where an archetypical action movie star goes on a rant about how women don’t like things that men do is great.  Dr. Pepper has firmly planted their tongue in their cheek here.  They poke fun at guys liking stupid action movies that are cliché and full of mindless action. What they’re not doing is addressing a non-existent male identity crisis or mocking women.

Where Dr. Pepper does a great job with the overall attitude of the campaign, they fall pretty flat outside of the traditional television ads.  Their Facebook boasts a “10 Man-ments” section.  (Get it?  Like the 10 commandments.)  Here we get the typical “things that real men don’t do, but actually they do and no one really cares about.”  Take the commandment “Thou shalt not end a comment with a =)” for example.  Since when did emoticons become the symbol of femininity?  While I roll my eyes and sigh at the pitiful attempt to create extra buzz worthy content, I think they’re on the right track here.  Although I must say that I agree with the “man ment” about guys not  “puckering up” in pictures.  Anyone who does that needs to stop.  I don’t think it’s attractive…just saying.

So men, go forth.  Turn on the big game, throw your feet up, feast on greasy meats, and crack open a can of Dr. Pepper 10.  Just remember that when you’re significant other tells you to change the channel, put your feet down, get a napkin, and grab her a DP10, you better listen.

-Josh P Greenberg

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