Miller Light Should “Man-Up” and Stop Their Ads

13 Oct

At what point does a company pull the plug on an advertising campaign that no one likes (assuming they’re able to swallow their pride for a minute)?  Is there a point?  I can’t imagine that I’m the only guy who wants to chuck an old leather shoe at the TV every time a Miller Light “Man Up” commercial assaults my intelligence. With them airing during every break on NFL Sunday I’m going to need a hell of a lot of shoes.

Agency DraftFCB did so many things wrong.  When the male identity crisis becomes an epidemic let me know.  Situations such as men being afraid of fish or carrying roller backpacks on camping trips are neither poignant nor clever.  At least with the early adaptations there was some basis for social commentary with skinny jeans and glittery shirts.

The other major problem is that these ads are unbelievably sexist.  If there are any beer companies out there listening WOMEN DRINK BEER TOO.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes, I swear.  Miller Light is saying in their ads that if you don’t drink Miller Light then you’re a woman.  Well, what if you are a woman?  Are they saying you’re butch for drinking their brand?  This is where the company PR man steps in and says “it’s just a joke” except there’s no point where Miller lets women in on this joke.

Really the bottom line is negative reinforcement will never sell me a product, especially when they’re attacking my masculinity like this.  Now every time I see Miller Light I’ll think of them calling me a sissy girl, then I’ll decide to pick up a case of beer that actually tastes good.  (Yes, Miller Light, I care about taste and don’t drink your beer).

What do you think of Miller’s Man-Up ads?  Have they affected your choice of beverage?

Josh P. Greenberg
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