Facebook Creates Its Own Circles

23 Aug

New features are sorely needed

Google+ hit the market with a colossal amount of buzz.  Everyone was talking about it, wondering who would be able to give them an invite.  While most social media bloggers laud G+ for its relative ease of use, will the general public accept it?

The biggest asset Google+ has is the concept of circles.  Being able to target your messages makes them more effective.  With all the social media noise out there it is easy to blast someone’s account with too much information.  That can lead to people either ignoring your message or worse, blocking it entirely.  Targeted messaging also helps when trying to maintain your privacy.  If you want to say something you wouldn’t want your coworkers to hear it’s now easy to shut of that valve.

With Facebook’s new sharing and privacy features, however, Google’s biggest gun might have been neutralized.  Now when sharing a post (or really anything) you can choose who can view it and even create specific groups.   Basically that accomplishes what circles was meant to do on Google+.  Another very big change to Facebook is how you tag photos.  Before the only way to hide an incriminating photo (mostly underage drinking for those young job seekers) was to not take it and hope no one else had a camera.  Now you have the ability to reject a tag request and even send a message telling the host to take it down.   These types of changes will appear in various places across Facebook.

So now that Facebook has landed a heavy blow to an already tapering Google+ user base, how does G+ keep people from returning to Facebook?  This battle has only just begun.

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