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Virgin Mobile’s Super Real Fake Celebrity Couple

8 Jul

If hearing celebrity news makes you kind of queasy and if you stifle a gag at the sound of reality TV drama then this news will have you vomiting all over the place.  Get out those barf bags and get ready for “Sparah”!  Virgin Mobile has launched a new type of advertising/marketing campaign that smashes together the makeup of a celebrity couple and reality TV star into one viral powerhouse.  

At least that’s the idea.  At its core the principal sounds great.  Fake celebrities like the Kardashians, Kimora Lee Simons, and anyone who’s a woman and marries rich have a cult following that would make even the highest powered marketing firm jealous.  NeNe Leakes of Housewives of Atlanta “fame” has over 370,000 Twitter followers.  Virgin Mobile is trying to capture that same type of exposure while trying a new and fresh way of marketing.

Not only do I hope this campaign fails I’m fairly confident that it will.  At its core celebrities are followed because people value their lifestyle.  Virgin has decided to be completely transparent about their involvement and manufacturing of the fake couple.   This transparency will keep people from buying in.  While what makes reality TV personalities so popular is that nearly all of them are bat dung crazy or at least already marginally known.  I would assume that Virgin is going to stay away from the type of drama that makes the audiences of shows like Housewives gravitate towards them.  Without that train wreck aspect (and absence of a television show…for now) I don’t know how or why anyone would care.  Then again I already think that about all celebrities.  Can Virgin create enough buzz without over the top manufactured drama?  That remains to be seen.

Check out the official “Sparah” website at